About Sound To Sun

Relax... your adventures in Real Estate just got easier!

Looking for a palace in Palm Springs?  A condo in Cathedral City?  A mansion in Magnolia?  A WOW! in West Seattle?  Or an Investment Property in Indian Wells?  As a former award-winning TV producer and writer, I bring to your Real Estate process a refreshing creativity combined with an exacting, meticulous attention to detail.


As an owner of multiple properties, I’ve been in your sandals many times: as a Buyer, as a Seller, as an Investor, and even as a Remodeler, living in a camper during 8 months of construction, with no bathroom or running water (yes, I have lots of pictures, and lots of stories)!


In 12+ years as a Realtor, my clients have returned to me time and time again for transactions, advice, or just old-fashioned, honest friendship.  As a Certified Buyers’ Representative and a Certified Sellers’ Representative, you’ll find my perspective invaluable, my service impeccable, and my commitment to you exceptional.